Benjamin Gould and Stephen Kahmann Mobier: A Case Study of IoT and the Semantic Web
Megan Mercer Challenges in Developing Semantic Web Solutions
Juan F. Sequeda a visual collaborative real time ontology and knowledge graph schema editor
Ashrf Althbiti Althbiti and Xiaogang Ma Semantic prediction of the attribute of Arabic idioms from rating records
John Park, Taryn Madey and Aaron Kesler GraphQL for RDF/SHACL
Bertram Ludäscher ASP: Answer Set Programming - A SuperPower for "Doing Semantics"
Hande Küçük-Mcginty OntoloBridge – A FAIR Semi-Automated Ontology Update Request System
Vincent Emonet Data2Services: enabling automated conversion of data to services
Paul Cuddihy Semantics Toolkit Lightning talk
Oshani Seneviratne and Deborah McGuinness Ontology Driven Disease Characterization
James Balhoff Whelk: an OWL EL reasoner for fast, concurrent DL queries (lightning talk for poster)
Rafael S Gonçalves WebProtégé: A Cloud-Based Ontology Editor