Session Title: Knowledge Graphs Come of Age


Google has popularized the notion of a knowledge graph, loosely defined as a network of entities and their interrelationships. While the phrase has become popular recently, and in some ways appears to be everywhere, semantic networks and supporting semantic technologies have existed for many decades. We may, however, now be at a kind of tipping point for the field with the combination of an explosion of big open data collections along with advances in data mining and machine learning techniques. Now many more kinds of people and applications are looking at big data applications and are trying to make sense of their results. In this talk, we will introduce some trends we see in knowledge graphs by showing them in action in some complex, integrated systems. We will discuss some of the ways that knowledge graphs are becoming essential components in current and future artificial intelligence and data science applications that need to expose their methods and explain their results. We will also discuss some potential avenues for knowledge graph growth.